Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prostitution still legal in Iran

It's called Siqeh, also known as a "temporary marriage" and used by those who wish a little adult fun without the stigma of offending strict Islamic sex laws.  Since it is men who cannot control their desires, they need some way to "let off steam' if you get my drift, and Siqeh satisfies that need.

This is Islam.

From BikyaMasr March 5 by Farshid Motahari

Iran rejects obligation to register temporary marriages

Tehran (dpa)The Iranian parliament rejected a draft bill Monday which would have obliged men to register temporary marriages, Fars news agency reported.

The bill was aimed at increasing the rights of women who become the second or third wives of polygamous men, in a practice used to get around a religious ban on sex outside marriage.

Unregistered temporary marriages are those made by clerics – de facto only making the couple religiously legitimate – but without any written contract which could at least give some rights to the women.

The bill was rejected by a majority of deputies.
Temporary marriage – or Siqeh – is a highly controversial issue in Iran.
The supporters, mainly among clergy circles and religious people, say that it is a legitimate way to counter social immoralities.
But opponents term Siqeh as a legalized form of prostitution and a humiliation for women.
Sexual relations between unmarried couples are strictly prohibited in Islamic Iran and can lead to arrest and heavy cash fines.
Islamic law allows men to have four wives at the same time, while women are only allowed one husband.
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