Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iraq: Church attacked, dozens more dead after 20 explosions

Despite everything we have been told about our involvement in Iraq and the insistence that democracy was running rampant, the truth is anything but rosy.  We are now seeing what Islamic doctrine will bring to Iraq and the few Christians still living there.  Does Obama care to rescind his earlier statements on how we are making progress and bringing Western values to Iraq?  Will the White House distance itself from the self-immolation now spreading across Iraq?

We are waiting, Mr. President...

From ASIANews March 20

Series of attacks in Iraq, dozens of dead. Church of St Mathew in Baghdad targeted
 Baghdad (AsiaNews) - The Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Matthew, in Baghdad, is one of the objectives targeted by Iraqi extremists, who this morning carried out a series of attacks across the country to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the U.S. invasion - March 20, 2003 - to overthrow Saddam Hussein Nasser. Church sources in Iraq asking for anonymity for safety reasons, told AsiaNews, that the two guards were killed in the attack, while five others were injured. Meanwhile, the provisional toll from the bomb attacks - in more than 20 explosions - in the capital, in Kirkuk, in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, and Hillah in Mahmoudiya is at least 39 dead and 200 wounded.

AsiaNews sources in Iraq confirm "at least the 20 explosions" in different areas of the country, including the bombing of the church of St. Matthew, which "caused the death of two guards and wounded five other people." At present it is unclear if the place of Christian worship was the real target of the extremist. In Kirkuk, a city 300 km north of the capital, there were "three blasts that caused about 10 deaths and more than 40 wounded" in a neighborhood where the attackers "have targeted a police station."

Reports speak of 13 other deaths and fifty wounded in Karbala, the Shiite holy city, where two car bombs exploded. More attacks were reported in Hillah, Latifuyah and other areas of Iraq, although currently there is no official news.

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