Saturday, March 10, 2012

"I rarely go out alone...I often wonder if someone is lurking around the corner...I have always loved my freedom but I have paid a high price"

The price paid for converting away from Islam is death.  Muhammad said that whoever changes their religion, kill him.  Sabatina James is correct in fearing for her life at the hands of her family.  She has besmirched the family honor and we know the penalty for that transgression.

Sabatina James is one of thousands of Muslim girls and women who suffer at the hands of their male masters but she is lucky; she is still alive.  For now.

From The Daily Mail March 9 by Rob King

My mother wants me dead: Catholic convert speaks out after fleeing her Muslim family following 'honour killing' threat

A women's rights campaigner has revealed how she fears for her life after her strict Muslim parents threatened to kill her when she dared to refuse an arranged marriage.
Sabatina James said the threat made her flee the family home at 18, change her name, convert to Catholicism and move abroad to set up a foundation for women in similar danger.
Her parents took her to court after she wrote a book about her experiences, in which she claimed to have been beaten as her teenager for kissing a boy and wearing clothes they thought were too revealing.
They sued her for defamation - and lost. 
Miss James said she believed she would probably be dead now, if her parents had their way.
She told the Daily Beast: 'I rarely go out alone.
'I often wonder if someone is lurking around the corner.
'I have always loved my freedom - but I have paid a high price.'
Miss James claimed that, after she refused to marry the man her parents had chosen, her father told her: 'The honour of this family is more important than my life or your life.'
But she added that her mother was even stricter, beating her and watching her every move to the point where she had 'no anchor'.
It is no wonder she escaped; both parents abandoned her to Islamic ideals in order to maintain honor.
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