Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nosejob jihad

Against himself, no less.  I just cannot make this stuff up.

From The National March 6

Egypt Salafi MP resigns after carjacking injuries turn out to be from a nose job

Cairo // An Egyptian Salafi MP was forced to resign from parliament and from his party after claiming that he was injured in a carjacking, when he had in fact had a nose job, his party said yesterday.

A bruised and bandaged Anwar Al Bilkimy appeared on television last week saying how gunmen beat him and stole 100,000 Egyptian pounds (Dh61,000).

But doctors and medical staff at a hospital in the Cairo suburb of Sheikh Zayed came forward and said that the MP, who belongs to the ultra-conservative party Al Nour, had in fact been undergoing rhinoplasty at the time.

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