Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Egyptian parliament votes to expel Israeli ambassador

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists control 80% of parliament, so no surprise that they would vote this way.  We are on the road to a disaster of Biblical proportions and no one wants to ring the alarm bell.  After Israel deals with Iran they may well have to deal with Egypt.  We could well be on the road to that clash of civilizations Samuel Huntington spoke of.

From AP/Yahoo March 12

Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament votes in support of expelling Israel's ambassador

CAIRO - Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament has unanimously voted in support of the expulsion of Israel's ambassador in Cairo and for a halt to gas exports to the Jewish state.
The motion is largely symbolic because only the ruling military council can make such decisions, and it is not likely to impact Egypt's relations with Israel. But the move signals the seismic change in Egypt after the ouster of longtime leader and Israeli ally Hosni Mubarak a year ago.
The Monday vote was taken by a show of hands on a report by the chamber's Arab affairs committee that declared that Egypt will "never" be a friend, partner or ally of Israel. The report described the Jewish state as the nation's "number one enemy."

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