Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Divorce at the Mall

In Islam a man can divorce his wife simply by saying I divorce you three times.  The method of transmission can be virtually anything and this article illustrates how modern technology is being used for the most personal of Muslim actions.

From BikyaMasr March 23

Saudi man divorces wife over loudspeaker at mall

CAIRO: A Saudi husband used a loudspeaker to divorce his wife at a busy shopping mall after seeing her take a note from another man bearing his phone number.
This, according to the Saudi Arabic language quotidian, Kabar.
The husband was with his wife and three children at the mall when he went his own way into a men’s clothes shop.
“When he left that shop, he saw a man giving his wife a note bearing his phone number…she accepted the paper and put it inside her bag,”
The newspaper did not mention where the mall is located.
“He then used the mall’s loudspeaker to shout divorce words against his wife although she was with her three children.”   

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