Thursday, March 22, 2012

International incident, Monty Python style

Follow me closely on this; two journalists from Britain, working  for Iran's PressTV are kidnapped by Libyan jihadists in Tripoli because they were carrying bandages for wounded civilians that had Welsh writing on them which the jihadists mistook for Hebrew.

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From the Jerusalem Post March 20

'Libyans held journos after confusing Welsh, Hebrew'
Two journalists from the UK were snatched by a Libyan militia after members of the group mistook the Welsh language for Hebrew, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

Gareth Montgomery-Johnson and Nicholas Davies-Jones were taken in Tripoli last month, after the Misrata Brigade accused them of being Israeli spies.

"They thought this was Hebrew and we were Israeli spies," Montgomery-Johnson told the BBC, referring to a bandage with Welsh writing.

The two journalists work for Iran's official Press TV.
those to take to Libya. Those bandages contained Welsh writing which confused the Libyan militants, who thought it was Hebrew.

According to Davies-Jones, the two were snatched by the band of men, some of whom were armed, and were held in a bunker in central Tripoli.

Montgomery-Johnson described their quarters to the BBC as "cramped."

Members of the militia apprehended the journalists' filming equipment from their hotel in order to scan the material.

Faraj al-Swehli, commander of a Misrata brigade, accused the two men shortly after their detainment of entering Libya illegally, and accused them of being spies, the BBC reported.

The excuse is habitual and has been used countless times to justify holding and imprisoning anyone seen as a threat to Islam.

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