Saturday, March 31, 2012

First they came for the Christians...uh the Jews....wait, the Sunni's?

It is illegal in Iran to have a church service in Farsi, the predominate language within the country.  The government is in process of closing churches that hold services in Farsi, with two now shuttered.  This latest threat includes the promise of a bombing if they do not stop, saying " happens in Iraq every day."

Will the Islamophobia never end in Iran?

From Worthy News March 30 by Joseph DeCaro

Iran Threatens Church with Bombing

TEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)– Another church in Tehran was ordered to cease holding services in Farsi, the Iranian national language, otherwise it could be "bombed".

According to Barnabas Aid, ministers from an Iranian interior department dealing with interfaith matters served notice to the Armenian Anglican Church, unofficially threatening that if the order is ignored, the church will be bombed “as happens in Iraq every day”.

This latest threat comes after both Emmanuel Protestant and St. Peter Evangelical churches were ordered to stop holding services in Farsi on Fridays, which falls on the weekend in Iran where Sunday is just another work day.

"It now seems likely that the Islamic authorities have imagined that with this new restriction they will somehow hold back the rapid, and evidently extremely worrying, spread of Christianity amongst the people under their yoke," according to a report by the Farsi Christian News Network.

Iranian security agents have been arresting Christians in a country-wide crackdown since Christmas.

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