Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kenya: 6 dead in Nairobi

The spread of Islam does not recognize borders, except as an impediment to the advancement of sharia.  The ultimate goal of Islam is the imposition of sharia and all it regulates.  Kenya is but another stepping stone in Islam's march across the African continent.  Once Islamists take control of Nigeria, that country will be used as a staging base for further incursions deeper into the heart of Africa.  We are witnessing the slow but inexorable destruction of a great continent.  If you thought colonialism was bad, watch the Nigerian experience expand to morally and financially bankrupt every country from Egypt to South Africa.

Wait for it...

From AFP/Yahoo March 11 by Bernard Momanyi

Kenya faces new terror threat as six killed in Nairobi

Kenya faced a new terror threat on Sunday after a grenade attackblamed on Somali Islamist militia killed six people and injured 63 in a bus terminal in the capital Nairobi.
Four grenades were thrown Saturday night only yards apart from a car driving past the busy terminal, Internal Security Minister George Saitoti said Sunday.
Dozens of buses were parked in the terminal packed with Kenyans leaving for the weekend to visit relatives outside the capital.
Like Hamas, the manly way to attack is to target innocents and frighten them into supporting you.
While responsibility for the attack had not been claimed by late Sunday morning, Kenyan authorities blamed it on the hardline Islamist Shebab militia which Kenyan troops are battling inneighbouring Somalia.
"We suspect this is the work of Al-Shebab, but all this will come out in the investigations," Saitoti told reporters.
Al-Shebab has threatened Kenya since it sent its troops intoSomalia in mid-October to dislodge the Islamic insurgents controlling swathes of the south, which it accused of a series of kidnappings and attacks on its territory.
Deploring Saturday's attack, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said "This is an act of people who think that they can puncture the resolve to fight terror. It is a difficult moment but it should strengthen our resolve and I am sure we will win."
Good luck with that.
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