Friday, March 23, 2012

Teacher in France disciplined for calling jihadist murderer Mohamed Merah a "victim"

This is the new France, where even the most vile of jihadists gets called a victim.  At least the teacher was punished for this, but that is just a small slap against the rising tide of Islamic hegemony spreading across Europe.  You can bet this teacher is not alone in their view, the big question is how to identify and stop those molders of young minds before they can damage the minds they influence.

From the Jerusalem Post March 23

'French teacher asked

minute's silence for Merah'

Alleged photo of Mohamed Merah from French TV. 
Before the slaughter...

France's education minister called for disciplinary proceedings against a teacher in the north of France on Friday, after she allegedly asked her students to observe a moment's silence for serial killer Mohamed Merah, the man who gunned down three children and a rabbi in front of Jewish school in Toulouse earlier this week.
Students in the the French English teacher's class in Rouen wrote to their principal that she had called the serial killer a "victim," and said his links to al-Qaida were fabricated by the media and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to AFP.
The teacher's request prompted most of the students to empty out of the classroom, though some stayed behind to "try to understand what she was talking about," AFP reported according to their letter.
French Education Minister Luc Chatel has called for the teacher to be suspended for her request, which was made the day after police shot Merah dead in the south of France after he went on a killing spree.
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Jay Knott said...

Maybe one French teacher was soft on the Tolouse murderer. But this is typical of the US media being soft on his American counterpart, who killed seventeen Afghan civilians:

“Bypassed for a promotion and struggling to pay for his house… a deeper picture emerged of the Army sergeant’s financial troubles and brushes with the law… one of the best guys I ever worked with… not some psychopath…. an outstanding soldier who has given a lot for this country… pressing family troubles… lost out on a promotion… 100 percent out of character… always loved the military and war history… struggling to keep payments on his own home… it’s our Bobby… he was the local hero”.

And that's NPR, the progressive station.