Friday, March 2, 2012

"The council strongly condemns this crime and inhumane, savage act by American troops by desecrating holy Korans"

How weak is a religion that it will murder in order to avenge the insulting of their Holy Book?

Think wet paper bag.

From Reuters March 2 by Hamid Shalizi

Afghan clerics demand punishment for Koran burners

(Reuters) - Senior Afghan clerics said on Friday the burning of Korans at a NATO base last month was an "evil act" that must be punished, a demand that could deepen widespread public anger over the incident.

"The council strongly condemns this crime and inhumane, savage act by American troops by desecrating holy Korans," members of a council of clerics said after meeting President Hamid Karzai, according to a statement issued by his office.

"The council emphasized that the apology for this evil act can never be accepted. Those who committed this crime must be publicly tried and punished. "Despite apologies from President Barack Obama and other senior U.S. officials, the desecration of the Korans at Bagram air base ignited a wave of anti-Western fury across Afghanistan, including protests that killed 30 people.

The Koran burnings are a setback to the Western campaign to win the hearts and minds of Afghans in order to weaken the Taliban and force the Muslim militant group to negotiate an end to the war now in its 11th year.

A joint investigation, conducted by U.S. military officials and members of the Karzai government, has concluded that five U.S. soldiers were involved in the incident on a NATO military base, officials said on condition of anonymity.

But the joint probe of the incident, one of three being conducted, did not provide specific recommendations on possible disciplinary action the soldiers might face, the officials said.
A separate U.S. Army probe, which has not yet been completed, may contain such recommendations.
The determination of the joint probe, which has not been released, that five soldiers were involved was first reported by the Washington Post.
Yet the statements on Friday by the Afghans clerics - reflecting Muslims' deep reverence for the Koran - suggests at least some Afghans will not be satisfied without a public trial.
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