Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indonesia: Jihadist cleric says America must be destroyed

Because of our freedoms?  Our democracy?  Our pluralism and fair play ethics?  No, he blames us for his lengthy jail sentence, courtesy of his belief that Muslims must kill the kuffir at any cost.

Someone explain to him that he has Islam all wrong.   Never mind, i'll send the memo...

From The Bangkok Post Feb 29

Jailed Indonesia cleric says US must be destroyed

Abu Bakar Bashir checking wind direction

Islamist militant cleric Abu Bakar Bashir blamed the United States for increasing his jail term, two days after Indonesia's top court reinstated his 15-year sentence for terrorism.
Bashir is regarded as a spiritual leader of militant Islam in Indonesia -- the world's most populous Muslim country -- and is an outspoken supporter of Al-Qaeda-style jihad, but he has always denied being a terrorist.
Appearing in public to undergo his second cataract surgery at an eye hospital in Jakarta, the 73-year-old defiantly called on his followers to fight the US "until it is destroyed".
"America is the enemy of Islam so, the verdict must be America's order," he told reporters, as he was escorted into a police vehicle by armed paramilitary and anti-terror police.
"We must continue to fight America until it is destroyed."
A lower court last June sentenced him to 15 years in jail for deliberately inciting terrorism and funding a terror cell in Aceh province which was allegedly planning deadly attacks on Westerners and politicians.
Upon appeal the High Court slashed it to nine, citing lack of evidence and old age but the country's Supreme Court on Monday reinstated the 15-year sentence.
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Anonymous said...

15 years in jail will probably not make him any less angry, jihadists are always angry and after that long in jail he probably needs to let off some steam. Watch out, America!