Friday, April 29, 2011

And you thought young love was tough...

Youth in love cannot hold a candle to these senior kissy-faces.  But they can be held responsibile for being in close proximity to each other without being married.

From April 29 by  Beh Yuen Hui, Wong Pek Mei and A. Raman

Elderly pair pay the price for khalwat 

THEIR age did not stop a couple in Kangar from living in sin together.

Following a tip-off, an anti-vice squad raided the love nest of the elderly man and woman and booked them for committing khalwat (close proximity) early this year, Harian Metro reported.

On Wednesday, the Kangar Syariah High Court fined 66-year-old Salleh Nayan RM2,200, in default three months' jail, for committing the offence with his 60-year-old partner Azizah Saad.

Judge Azeman Omar fined her RM2,000 or two months' jail.

The duo had committed the offence at a house in Kampung Permatang Pauh, Simpang Empat, at about 2.25am on Jan 17.

They had initially refused to open the door when anti-vice officers from the Perlis Islamic Affairs Department raided the house.

Prosecutor Fakhrurrazi Mahdzir told the court that the duo were alone in the house until the wee hours of the morning, raising suspicions that the situation could have led to zina (illicit sex).

He said they must be punished to serve as a deterrent to others.

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