Friday, April 22, 2011!

The planned but foiled Easter bombing using 330 pounds of explosives next to a gas pipeline was also planned to be filmed and shown on the Internet.  No word on where the cameras were located, the director or who provided the catering.

From AP/Google April 22 by Niniek Karmini

Militants wanted to film, broadcast Indonesian church  
 attack, police say 
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Islamic militants involved in a plot to bomb an Indonesian church ahead of Easter celebrations wanted to film and broadcast the inferno, which would have occurred as thousands of people were arriving for services, police said Friday.

The plot, uncovered Thursday, has put the nation in a state of high alert with hundreds of thousands of police deployed at churches, 20,000 in the capital alone.

Maj. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam, spokesman for the national police, said the 19 suspects who led authorities to bombs planted beneath a gas pipeline near the Christ Cathedral Church just outside of Jakarta did not appear to be part of any large, existing terrorist organization.

Other bombs were left in bags not far from the entrance.

"At this moment, it looks like a new cell," Alam told reporters Friday, adding that the suspects, all in their 30s and many of them university graduates, told police they had been planning to film the fiery explosion.

"They wanted to make a movie and then broadcast it ... that was the plan," he said.

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