Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Islamic intolerance and fear of violence in the trial of Terry Jones

Now it is official:  potential violence swayed the jurors in Pastor Terry Jones' trial.  From Juror Daniel Smith came this revelation, although for those of us who understand how Islam works it is no surprise.

Threats from Muslims, like threats from the Mafia always need to be taken very seriously.  At the same time, law enforcment should be in the lead as to finding and prosecutuing those who make the threats.  Unlikely in this case, as Muslim sensibilities have been catered to.


From April 23 by John Sexton

One of Terry Jones’ Jurors Confirms It: Muslim Violence Was the Issue 

Allahpundit had a nice roundup yesterday of the pre-crime trial of pastor Terry Jones. Today I came across this impromptu interview with one of the jurors in the trial. His name is Daniel Smith and he’s identified as a juror in this clip by a local Fox affiliate. As you’ll hear, free speech in this case definitely took a back seat to concerns over violence, specifically violent reactions from Muslims:

Q: Was the weighing of the free speech question heavily…?
Juror: It was an issue that we talked about but again we were…we were there to really discuss whether it could, uh, provoke a, uh…
Q: Violence?
Juror: Violence in the community.
So free speech was an issue but violence was the important issue. This is absolutely wrong and not how free speech is meant to work in America. Allah calls it the “codification of the heckler’s veto” and that’s exactly what it is. We’ve now located that Mosque Exclusion Zone people were talking about last year. Turns out it’s real in Dearborn, MI where free speech has been excluded from the area around America’s largest mosque for the next three years.

Watch the video.

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Zener said...

This article suggest to me that the justice department has a policy of accepting the violent muslim outburst instead of working to thwart it.

Many times in my school years I saw a similar approach with bullies and teachers/faculty.

Is it taboo to try and stop a bully if they are mean or loud enough?

I say if you don't want to follow the laws of our country, get the fuck out.

If those in power don't want to enforce the laws, either remove the laws or remove those people!