Monday, April 25, 2011

Nigerian jihad continues; latest attack could be by "Books, him bad"

Roland Shirk of Jihad Watch coined the phrase as a literal translation of "Boko Haram", the jihadist group in Nigeria.  I love it, and thank Mr. Shirk for giving it to the world. 

Nigeria is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the outcome boding ill for freedom.  As the attacks and agitation for sharia increase we will see spreading unrest and eventually another Islamic state in North Africa.  The domino's will fall, sooner or later.

From April 25 by Njadvara Musa

Hotel blast in northeast Nigeria kills 2; 8 hurt 

An explosion at a hotel killed two people and wounded eight others in northeastern Nigeria only days before the state's gubernatorial election, police said Monday. There was no immediate claim of responsibility but the blast came as a radical Muslim sect vowed to keep up its fight.

Police chief Mike Zuokumor said the blast went off Sunday evening in Maiduguri, a town that has been wracked by violence related to a radical Islamic sect. The group known as Boko Haram had released a statement earlier Sunday defending its deadly attacks on police and religious leaders.

"All the people that we are killing, including ward heads, politicians, the police and the army have erred, because they are associating themselves with the government in its effort to arrest our Muslim brothers and sabotage Islam," the group said in its statement released Sunday.

Boko Haram was thought to be vanquished in 2009 after Nigeria's military crushed its mosque into concrete shards, and its leader was arrested and died in police custody. But now, Maiduguri and surrounding villages again live in fear of the group.

The violence in Maiduguri comes after postelection rioting elsewhere in northern Nigeria that has left at least 500 people dead, but Maiduguri has seen little election-related unrest.

Gubernatorial elections have been delayed in two other northern states — Kaduna and Bauchi — as a result of the unrest, though voters in the town where the hotel blast happened are still due to cast ballots Tuesday.

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