Friday, April 15, 2011

New governor a Christian, locals upset

Non-Muslims are not allowed to lord over Muslims so the angst is theologically understandable.  But the fact that the governor being replaced is also a Christian, how does this rational work?  It seems the Salafi's are at the bottom of this, and as they have recently gained power from the chaos it would appear this is one of their attempts to exhert a political influence. 

From M&C April 15

Conservative Muslims protest against Christian governor in Egypt 

Cairo - Thousands of conservative Muslims protested in the southern Egyptian province of Qina Friday against the appointment of a new Christian governor.

Witnesses said the protesters, mostly observers of the conservative Islamic Salafist movement, threatened to bar Emad Mikhail, the new governor, from entering the province.

The previous governor, whom Mikhail will replace, was also Christian.

Qina has seen sectarian strife in the past. Late last year, dozens of Christians and Muslims were arrested in the province after nearly a dozen homes were burnt in clashes between members of the two religions.

Residents said fighting erupted last year when it was discovered that a Coptic Christian man was dating a Muslim woman from the same southern town.

No no, stop that now.  Christian men are not allowed to date Muslim women.  Muslim men are allowed to date Christian women, however. 

According to the government, Copts are the largest minority in Egypt, comprising about 10 per cent of the 80.5 million citizens, though Christian groups estimate they have a higher percentage of the population.

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