Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bomb explodes outside Iraq church, seven hurt

Another blow by the "religion of peace" toward their Christian neighbors. 

From MSNBC April 24 by Saad Abdul-Kadir

7 wounded in bombing outside Baghdad church  

An Iraqi police official says seven people have been wounded by a roadside bomb outside the entrance of a Baghdad church.

The official says the blast took place Sunday just yards (meters) from the Sacred Heart Church in Baghdad's Karradah neighborhood. Shrapnel from the bomb struck the outside of the building.

The officer said no parishioners were inside and services had not been held in the building.

Four policemen and three civilian bystanders were wounded.

Iraqi security forces are on high alert for any violence targeting Iraq's beleaguered Christian community this Easter. Iraqi Christians have faced a recent wave of violence, including an attack last year against a Baghdad church that killed 68 people.

The officer declined to be identified because he was not authorized to brief the media.


Jay Knott said...

'Another blow by the "religion of peace" toward their Christian neighbors.' Muslims never persecuted their Christian neighbors before the US, spurred by Zionist Islamophobes, invaded in 2003. Since then, the worst of Islamic extremism has run riot - and American neo-cons try to use this to stir up more hatred! They created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

God Jay You can't be that unknowledgeable? It must be that little Islamic trick, you know the one that goes, "the Jews are always to blame", and feigns ignorance of any & all atrocities committed by the "religion of peace". Do you know any Islamic history at all? Islam has been spread by the sword & bloodshed since Mohammed received his first "revelation". Since then the sword of Islam has been marching throughout the Middle East & the rest of the world killing all who refuse to believe in Allah. The Mid East was JEWISH & Christian Jay, long before the "prophet" decided that everything belonged to Islam. Even if you had never read the Torah or a Christian Bible, there is a plethora of secular archaeological evidence, & secular history revealing Jewish & Christian habitation (& dominance) in the Middle East pre-Mohammed. Islam is a latecomer on the world scene, a bloody tyrannical latecomer. Must be that ol' taqiyya and kitman working huh Jay? War is indeed deceit (Bukhari 52:269).

Jay Knott said...

Perhaps I should have made clear I was referring to Iraq, which is what the article is about. The neocon invasion opened Iraq to Sunni sectarians, whom the previous government - vile though it was - had kept in check. I have never said 'the Jews are always to blame'. Why does our friend 'A Christian Woman' repeat this libel?