Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anti-Shariah measure dead in Okla. Senate

Even though over 70% of Oklahomans voted for the amendment, CAIR and their lackey, Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange have managed to get a reviiew of the law in committee quashed.  There will be no movement this session on State Question 755.

From April 12

Anti-Shariah measure dead in Okla. Senate 

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 12 (UPI) -- A bill that would outlaw the use of international and Shariah law in state courts will not get a hearing in the Oklahoma Senate, its sponsor said.

The controversial bill that would prohibit foreign laws from being enforced in Oklahoma courtrooms easily passed the state House of Representatives but has languished in the Senate, and is considered dead for this year, The Oklahoman reported Tuesday.

Rep. Sally Kern, the bill's author, expressed disappointment that the bill would not be heard by a Senate committee.

Kern, R-Oklahoma City, left open the possibility of attempting to get the measure's language attached to another bill.

And of course, the local Muslim community is up in arms over this.

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