Sunday, April 17, 2011

If we can't have the flag of Islam fly over the Kremlin, can we at least have a crescent in the Russian coat of arms?

Interesting how, across the US, religious symbols are routinely removed from the public eye, in deference to that bugaboo of free speech, multiculturalism.  Yet in Russia, with Muslims at almost 20% of the population there is now a call for the symbol of Islamic supremacism, the crescent, to be added to the great seal.

Anjem Choudary must be so proud.

From Hurriyet Daily News April 15

Top imam ‘calls for crescent on Russia's crest’        

    A top Muslim cleric called Friday for a crescent moon to be added to Russia's double-headed eagle coat of arms to represent the country's multi-million-strong Muslim population.

"We are asking for one of the heads to be topped with a crescent moon and the other to be topped with a Russian Orthodox cross," Talgat Tadzhuddin told the Moskovskiye Novosti daily in an interview.

"All the crowns on the coat of arms – two on the heads of the eagles and one above them in the middle – are topped by crosses. But Russia has 20 million Muslims. That's 18 percent of the population," he said in an interview.

When Muslims reach 4-5% they start agitating for special rights and accomodations.  At 20% there is no reason for them to stop until the flag of Islam does indeed fly over the Kremlin.

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Anonymous said...


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