Thursday, April 28, 2011

Christian woman stoned in South Dakota

We are told we have nothing to fear from Islam or sharia law, that it is us who are Islamophobic and hate-mongering and that we are misunderstanding Muslims.

Tell that to Lisa Marie Johnson.

From Dr. Rich Swier April 25

Christian woman stoned in South Dakota 

Lisa Marie Johnson is a very brave woman. Lisa is a former Catholic Nun living in South Dakota. Lisa was on the forefront of the American Laws for America Courts legislative battle in South Dakota. Lisa has been on the forefront of the effort to expose the bizarre situation of four (4) mosques in Sioux Fall, SD a city of a mere 120,000 people. Most of the Muslims in Sioux Fall are from Somalia.

Most recently Lisa organized a very successful screening of
Iranium to a standing room only crowd of 300, with Frank Gaffney, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy, South Dakota Sen. Dan Lederman, Tom Trento, President of The United West and Captain Joel Arends.

In fact, Lisa is on her way to Iraq, with Captain Arends, to film a documentary about the slaughter of Iraqi Catholics by shariah Muslims in Baghdad.

On several occasions, Lisa has been confronted by Muslims who do not like her. Not long ago, Lisa's tires were slashed, yes, in the quiet mid-west town of Sioux Falls. The attacks against Lisa have been reported to local police and homeland security.

On Easter Sunday, Lisa home was stoned. Several rocks were thrown thru her front windows shattering the glass and landing on the stairwell to her bedroom. It appears that Lisa is being targeted and the attacks are becoming more frequent and symbolic.
Stoning Lisa on Easter Sunday is both a political and religious statement.

This behavior cannot stand anywhere in America.

Some pictures of the stoning of Lisa Marie's home:
Photos of Lisa's front door and the rock thrown through it:

Photo of rock thrown on Holy Thursday:

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