Saturday, April 30, 2011

Indonesian jihad and the NII

A group imposing Islamic texts and tenets through Universities to entice students to blow themselves up for Allah.  Targeting Christians specifically, the NII makes no bones on how it plans to impliment sharia law throughout Indonesia.

Oh wait, Islam, we are told does not have plans for global domination, but only wants to live in peace with all it's neighbors.

What am I, some kind of Islamophobe?

From AsiaNews April 30 by Mathias Hariyadi
Jakarta: extremist group recruits students to target Christians and introduce shariah  

The former independence movement NII has turned into a cell of Islamic terrorism. Among the objectives a devastating attack during Easter, on a Protestant church. The explosion also targeted an oilpipeline nearby the Christian building. Civil society calls on President Yudhoyono for less talk and more action.
 Jakarta (AsiaNews) - An emerging Islamic terrorist group recruits followers among university students and, through brainwashing, prepares them for suicide bombings or bomb attacks against sensitive targets, including Christian churches. It has been confirmed by the Indonesian police that the former separatist movement "NII or Negara Islam Indonesia" - the Islamic state Indonesia - has now turned into an extremist group in the network of terror. It recently orchestrated an attack on a Protestant church that only by accident, did not result in a bloodbath.

The acronym NII in the decades has become the symbol of the Muslim separatist struggle, which aims to impose Islamic law - Shariah - in Indonesia and introduce a full range of behaviors, lifestyles and patterns derived from the Arabic culture such as the beard, jilbab or the burqa. Today it has changed the face, becoming involved in the fundamentalist terror network, its leaders have adopted techniques like brainwashing to recruit young people in universities and train them to carry out attacks or bombings.
Police spokesman Amar Boy Rafly reports that the NII terrorist group arose five years ago and promotes the recruitment in schools, propagating an extremist vision of Islam.

Extremist, radical, militant, strict, any word to describe Islam as outside the mainstream view of it as a religion of peace is misleading.  Islam as defined today and practiced by some Muslims is the pure, fundamental expression of the words of Allah and the behavior and actions of Muhammad.  There is no extremist version of Islam, unless it is one of complete and total acquiescence to the principles and dogma laid down by Christianity or Judaism.  Now that would truly be extreme. 

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