Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canadian charity guilty of supporting jihadists and Islamists

Islam will continue to funnel money to where it is needed no matter how many money trails we close down.  Charities come and go, but in pluralistic and open societies there is usually no questioning of a group which claims to help the orphans and children.  Unfortunately a good number of these groups are just a front for Islamic activity or jihadist attacks.

It is good to see Canadian authorities close down a major source of funding for jihad. 

From April 15 by Chloe Fedio

Former charity funded terror group: federal audit 

Nearly $15 million of Canadian charitable donations were sent overseas to groups the taxman has labelled terrorist organizations, according to a federal audit obtained by the Toronto Star.

The audit states that International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada (IRFAN-Canada) used "deceptive fundraising" to support Hamas.

The Canada Revenue Agency announced its decision to revoke the status of the Mississauga-based charity last week. A lawyer for IRFAN-Canada said the charity has appealed the decision.

"Canada Revenue Agency's position is really built on a pillar of sand," said Naseer Syed.

The irony is vicious.

However, a CRA report states that "IRFAN-Canada is an integral part of an international fundraising effort to support Hamas." Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by Canada, the U.S., the European Union and Israel.

IRFAN-Canada created promotional videos that the CRA said "demonize Israel, characterize the Arab-Israeli conflict as a religious war, appeal for all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom."

This level of misunderstanding deserves the memo.

But Syed said the CRA overstated the political content.

"As the promotional videos feature the potential recipients of humanitarian aid - the needy families affected by poverty, disease and war - discussing the poverty in Gaza in the immediate postwar period, it is difficult to imagine that the videos would not contain some political content."

The decision to revoke the group's status comes after years of tax audits and litigation over its alleged ties to Hamas. An audit of the charity's 2002 fiscal year found that IRFAN-Canada "maintained partnerships" with organizations that have direct ties to Hamas.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

I remember Palestinians coming into Israel for the free medical care that they would receive at the hands of the "hated" Jews. Care that was not available to them anywhere else in the Arab world, care that none of their Muslim "brothers and sisters" would provide. There WAS money for their care, Hamas and other militant Islamist organizations rake in millions to fund terrorism but charity and providing for the less fortunate is a Judeo-Christian concept. They would take all that the Israeli medical system generously gave them, never once having been asked for payment, only to have the Palestinians return as terrorists at some future date.