Friday, April 15, 2011

Extremist Christians call on Malaysia to ban the Qur'an....wait, what?

If that was the case, the volume of calls for Christians heads would resound far and wide.  As it is, Malaysian authorities really do not want Bibles in that country, but in the interest of "bridge-building" they grudgingly accept them.  Others among the population do not see it the same way.  I guess they forgot that their religion is one of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among differeing faiths.

I will send the memo.

From Malaysia Today April 15 by Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

Muslim group declares jihad against ‘extremist’ Christians 

KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 — An umbrella coalition of Muslim groups held a protest today and declared bloodshed against ‘extremist’ Christians that insult and ridicule the position of Islam in the country.

The Muslim Organisations in Defence of Islam (Pembela), comprising 20 groups, protested after Friday prayers at the National Mosque against Putrajaya’s release of Malay-language bibles and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s promise to never impound the Alkitab again.

A group of 30 men dressed in white shirts and skullcaps gathered at the main entrance of the mosque after prayers with placards saying “Allah is great! We Ansarullah (helpers of Allah) are watching you!”

Group spokesman Dr Yusri Mohamad said that the Christians are beginning to challenge and dismantle the status and sovereignty of Islam as the state religion.

“Pembela found that statements and actions (by Christian groups) are made to further challenge the sovereignty of Islam. This is not acceptable to Pembela because it implies that there is a larger agenda to be achieved by this group apart from the bible issues alone.

Pembela believe that despite the bible issue there is a hidden mission to open the Muslim community in Malaysia to apostasy, or at least inject religious pluralism, secularism and extreme-liberalism which can erode the integrity and identity of Muslims in Malaysia,” he said while addressing a crowd of over 50 over a loudhailer.

So much for that precious interfaith dialogue prattled on about.

Yusri also asked Christian groups to stop their confrontational approach and to apologise to Muslims for wounding the community.

He stressed that all Muslim leaders regardless of political affiliation should not mortgage Islam because it will undermine the country’s nation-building process.

“We are also not comfortable with the approach of allowing non-Muslim leaders to become spokesmen for the government and the opposition in this issue because this involves Islam and Muslim leaders must step forward to address this issue.

“We ask all Muslim leaders to unite against extremist Christians that challenge and insult Islam,” he said.

From an Islamic viewpoint, Chrisianity itself is extreme in that it challenges beliefs upheld as perfect by Islamic scholars. 

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