Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"He look like a man" says Ms. Swan

In trying to describe any human male, the character of Ms. Swan on MadTV would invariably say to the exasperated questioner "Well, he look like a man".  Thus CNN follows in glorious footsteps, except this is real, whereas MadTV was a parody.  

If it was just a man identified this time as the shooter, will the next time be something even more nebulous, like person or human, maybe even bipedal hominid could work.  The identity of the shooter is revealed, but the headline would indicate there are "men" out there who wish us ill. 

The Taliban take responsibility, the man's brother denies any connection between his brother and the Taliban.  His brother goes on to explain that because of numerous airplane crashes there may be some mental issues being manifested. 

Either the brother is lying, or the Taliban are.

From CNN April 27 by Nick Paton Walsh

Man opens fire on Americans in Kabul; 9 dead  

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Eight U.S. service members and an American civilian contractor were killed Wednesday in a shooting at an Afghan air force compound in Kabul, officials said.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan said an Afghan military pilot opened fire on international troops, sparking a "gunfight." The Taliban, however, claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had been working with the shooter for some time -- an assertion that NATO denied.

Also denying the Taliban claim was the brother of the pilot.

"My brother had no connections with the Taliban, and I deny any claims of his connection by the Taliban," Dr. Mohammad Hosain Sahebi told a local Afghan TV station in a telephone interview.

He said his brother, Ahmad Gull, 48, was in the Afghan Air Force for several years and was injured many times in plane crashes. The Afghan military, however, listed the pilot as being 50 years old.

"My brother had mental sickness as the result of the plane crashes in '80s and also he had economic problems, too," Sahebi told local television.

One witness, Jon Mohammad, a military pilot at Kabul Airport, told CNN that he jumped from a second floor window to the ground during the incident. He saw foreigners laying on the ground inside the first floor, he said.

"He was religious person, but I'm not sure if he had mental illness," Mohammad said of Gull, the pilot.

Since Islam seems to cause disturbances in rational thinking, I would say yes to mental illness.

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Jay Knott said...

"Since Islam seems to cause disturbances in rational thinking, I would say yes to mental illness". Subtle. To a rationalist, ALL religion is irrational. But apart from Richard Dawkins, most of us are tactful about it. Worst of all are religious people claiming other religions are irrational, but not their own.