Friday, April 29, 2011

The South rises to the challenge

South Carolina, who's women I could listen to for hours is now officially another state planning to ban sharia law.

Go South Carolina!

From the Aprl 28 by Michael Beisecker

Bill would ban courts from using 'foreign law' 

RALEIGH -- A group of Republican legislators is backing a measure that would make it illegal for judges to consider "foreign law" when making rulings in North Carolina's courts.

Though the federal and state constitutions already guarantee the supremacy of U.S. law in domestic cases, primary sponsor Rep. George Cleveland said he is concerned that Shariah law could gain a foothold in American communities with sizable Muslim populations.

A true statement, but one which falls on mostly deaf ears.

House Bill 640 makes no mention of the Islamic legal code. But Cleveland said Shariah would be defined as a "foreign law" under his bill, and therefore banned from North Carolina's courtrooms if the legislation he proposes is approved.

"It's to ensure that any individual in this state does not have to worry about being taken advantage of by foreign laws," said Cleveland, a retired Marine who lives in Jacksonville. "It's barring any international law. If Shariah law tries to be enforced in the state, yeah, it would do it."

Uncertain of effect

Critics of the bill said that the broadly worded legislation could have unintended consequences, such as impeding international businesses or invalidating overseas marriages or adoptions.

Rooted in the teachings of the Quran, Shariah governs the conduct of an observant Muslim's life, from when to pray to how animals should be slaughtered for meat. It is also the basis for the legal codes in some Middle Eastern and south Asian countries.

Asked to provide real-world examples of the scenario his bill seeks to remedy -- cases where foreign laws infringed on the constitutional rights of American citizens in U.S. courts -- Cleveland said he did not know of any.

I suggest Cleveland Google sharia law in America and he can see at least 20 examples so far of sharia law being applied in place of US civil law.

The bill's other primary sponsor, Rep. Ric Killian, a Charlotte Republican and a real estate developer, could not be reached for comment.

Rep. Joe Hackney, the House Democratic leader, said Republicans are wasting time attacking an issue that doesn't exist.

"I think it's a solution in search of a problem," said Hackney, a lawyer from Chapel Hill. The bill moved through a judiciary committee last week over the objections of Democrats, taking it a step closer to a vote on the floor of the Republican-controlled House.

"It was very odd," said Rep. Jennifer Weiss, a Cary Democrat and lawyer who serves on the committee. "There were no examples given for why it was needed, when it would be needed, no examples of North Carolina being in a situation where we needed this legislation. It was just sort of rushed through without a whole lot of explanation."

Ms. Weiss, just wait, and Islam will show you the reasons why this bill is needed.

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