Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kentucky jihad, Somali style

It is interesting that this heinous crime happened back in 2006 and we are just hearing about it.  One must wonder how it slipped by for 5 years.

We know of the problems with Somali Muslims in Minnesota, now we can add the green grasses of Kentucky as a up and coming proto-jihad enclave.

The description of the crime is horrible and not for the squeamish, but it is another excellent example of the creep of Islam into the undergarments of American life, and the depth to which Muslims will follow the word of Allah.

From the April 18

Police describe grisly scene in Somali man's trial in deaths of his children 

Louisville Metro Police officers described in court on Monday a grisly scene when they walked into the home of Said Biyad's family on Oct. 6, 2006, with a trail of blood starting in the hallway and leading to bedrooms with his four children lying dead, their throats cut.

“He left them laying in pools of their own blood,” Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Christie Foster said in her opening statement about Biyad, whose murder trial began on Monday in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Foster told Judge James Shake that Biyad “brutally” killed his four children —
Goshany, Khadija, Fatuma and Sidi Ali, ages 2 through 8 — and raped and assaulted his wife before turning himself in at police headquarters and admitting what he had done.

Detective Brenda Wescott testified that three of the children were found in one room, with the youngest apparently trying to put her thumb in her mouth before she died. The other child was found in a separate room in bed, partially covered in blankets.

Wescott, who had to compose herself once during her testimony, said she arrived at the scene to find a veteran officer looking “shell-shocked.”

The bench trial, in which there is no jury, is expected to last through the week, though it will not resume until Wednesday because Shake is out of town on Tuesday.

Without a jury, testimony went quickly on Monday, as opening statements lasted only a few minutes. And defense attorneys asked only a handful of questions of the police officers, likely because they did not dispute the basic facts of the case.

Defense attorney Mike Lemke said in his openings to Shake that they believe Biyad is mentally ill and will offer expert testimony that he is a paranoid schizophrenic.

(.)He said this trial will show “clear evidence of a person who is mentally ill” and provide a “peek into a brain that does not function in a normal way..."


Anonymous said...

His brain opperated in a Muslim Islamic way.

A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

No his brain was perfectly normal according to Islamic/Quranic standards. Most likely his wife and children were acting in ways "un-Islamic". Islamic fathers and husbands living in the US have murdered their wives and children when the family is perceived as becoming "Westernized". Now if only Shariah was installed as law here in the United States, this man would be considered a hero, not a "mentally ill" criminal.