Monday, April 25, 2011

"The market of paradise has opened and the hoor al ayn [virgins promised to martyrs] are waiting."

Is it any wonder that jihadists are lining up to "...kill and be killed for Allah..."(9-111) in Libya?  The promised 72 virgins, the ever flowing wine and the all-you-can-eat buffet are the incentives to fight the jihad against non-Islamic entities. 

Libya is gone, the new Islamic republic will emerge soon and then we will have ourselves another geopolitical location to worry about.  The spread of Islam across North Africa is just a continuation of the ebb and flow of Islam over the last 1400 years. 

From The Australian April 26 by Sally Neighbour

Libya ripe for jihad's rallying cries 

AS the military and humanitarian quagmire in Libya deepens, a clarion call has gone out to followers of the global jihadist movement in the West.

"Who wants to join the mujahidin? The gates of jihad are open in Libya!" declares a message posted on a pro al-Qa'ida internet forum monitored by Western analysts.
The message - and countless others like it - has set off alarms in counter-terrorism circles in the West, as al-Qa'ida and its allies move to exploit the foment in the Arab world, seizing on the conflict in Libya as a new cause celebre for Islamic militants.

Yet still the administration operates on the false assumption that there are only "slivers" of Al-Qaeda operating, and that Islamic extremists are just a handful and no more.

And as yesterday's WikiLeaks release shows, al-Qa'ida suspects freed from Guantanamo Bay are at work in Libya.

A report from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation says internet jihadists are portraying Libya as the newest front in the global jihad against the West, in a policy dictated by al-Qa'ida's top leaders.

"Senior leadership figures, including Ayman al-Zawahiri, have given a number of sermons concentrating almost solely on Libya and portraying it as the most fertile ground for their global movement," says the report's author, Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, a research fellow at ICSR. He says Zawahiri's call has been echoed on English-language jihadist forums.

"The Western Salafi-jihadi movement is attempting to take ownership of the rebellion on behalf of the global jihad, and is portraying anti-Gaddafi forces as mujahidin, while also encouraging Western Muslims to do all they can to reach the country and take part in a supposed jihad."

The ICSR has monitored a stream of communications on al-Qa'ida run and backed websites and forums since the Arab spring began. A typical post says: "My brothers and sisters, we are facing a global change, Alhamdulillah [praise God]! We will see this uprising continuing in all Muslim countries and soon we will see the banner of Allah everywhere!"

I wonder how the International Zionist Conspiracy To Take Over The World (IZCTTOTW) feels about Islam taking over the world.

The forums are full of news of the exploits of jihadist fighters who have joined "Islamic battalions" in Libya under names such as the Thunderbolt Battalion and the Islamic Army of Benghazi, and so-called exclusive pictures of fighters purporting to be mujahidin on the front lines, accompanied by messages urging new recruits to join them. They provide directions on how best to travel to Libya, along with this incentive: "The market of paradise has opened and the hoor al ayn [virgins promised to martyrs] are waiting."

The forums are used to disseminate stories such as one that recounted how a band of mujahidin overran a Libyan army base in al-Bayda in the northeast of the country.

Western analysts believe the claims are exaggerated and some are simply echoes of Gaddafi regime propaganda aimed at discrediting the rebellion by portraying it as an Islamist uprising.

A dangerous view to take, as Islam will always tell us what they are planning.  We just have to listen and act accordingly.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

Various idiotic racist and anti-Semitic web pages such as David Duke's website and the various neo-nazi websites, continue to pound home the message of a world wide Jewish conspiracy. In fact David Duke appears to be in collusion with the Muslims, warning them not to let the Jews take over their revolution! Somehow I just can't picture members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda playing nice-nice with Jewish folk?? How these hate groups continue to ignore Islams publicly stated messages of world domination amaze me! While Islam makes war and commits acts of terrorism around the globe, as Christians are slaughtered around the world (does David Duke and his white "Christian" church think that he would be exempt from the slaughter), these mental midgets continue with their conspiracy theories against the Jewish people. It makes you wonder...