Friday, April 22, 2011

New jihad flotilla on the way to Gaza

This time there will be 15 ships and a thousand "peace activists".  What the outcome of this will be is hard to gauge, but if the claims of the activists to become "martyrs" could signal an escalation in the actions of these peaceniks on an undeclared jihad.

As with Rachel Corrie, a good number of these young activists know not what they are doing, but their hatred of Israel makes this trip, for them a worthy goal.  Let's pray none get hurt or killed.  On either side.

From Haaretz April 21 by Shlomo Shamir

Israel: New Gaza flotilla has ties to Hamas, terrorist organizations 

Israel's ambassador to UN warns the organization not to allow new flotilla, planned for May, to launch; U.S., Germany also call on flotilla organizers to find other ways to deliver aid to Gaza.  

Israel warned the United Nations Security Council on Thursday not to allow a new flotilla to sail to Gaza, saying that the flotilla organizers had "ties to Hamas and other terrorist organizations."

Another flotilla to Gaza is being planned for May, one year after Israel's deadly raid on the aid flotilla that sailed from Turkey. The new flotilla being planned is larger than the last one, with 15 ships that will transport over 1,000 people in an attempt to break Israel's naval blockade on the Strip.

While speaking to the UN on Thursday, Israel's UN Ambassador Meron Reuben said, "Numerous participants engaged in the planning of this flotilla have made very troubling statements expressing their willingness to become martyrs in this effort," Reuben said.

Gaza flotilla One of the ships of the Gaza-bound aid flotilla that was intercepted by the IDF enters the port of Ashdod.
Photo by: Eli Hershkovitz

Flotilla organizers aim at "political provocation and not to advance any humanitarian goal," Reuben said.

He said Israel is determined to enforce the naval blockade of Gaza and "stop additional terrorists from infiltrating the area."

The United States supported Reuben's statement, with U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice saying "There are distinct mechanisms to deliver goods to Gaza and there are no justifications to sail directly to Gaza."

Unless the ships are making a political statement, in which case the real victims are the refugees themsleves.  To be a political pawn benefits no one but the organizers.

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