Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 days in Hell; punk rockers in Indonesia face continued indoctrination

To be other than Muslim in Indonesia, even in how you appear will get you a haircut and some lessons in humility before Allah.  The 60 or so punk rockers arrested, after being subjected to a 10-day re-education seminar, are now awaiting further inculcating.  The jihad never stops, and this is a great example of what Western Islamic apologists and their useful idiots want us to believe is the "greater" jihad, that of personal struggle and sacrifice in the name of Allah.  As one of the police said during the head shaving, "We're not violating human rights. We're just trying to put them back on the right moral path."

Uh huh.

An update on the original story here.

From M&C December 24

Aceh punk rock fans face more indoctrination

Banda Aceh, Indonesia - Punk rock fans in Indonesia's staunchly Muslim province of Aceh were relieved that a 10-day re-education programme finally ended, but further brainwashing efforts may await them.
Sixty-five punk rock enthusiasts on Friday completed a 10-day rehabilitation programme at a police school, aimed at persuading them to do away with their distinctive lifestyles.
Police arrested the 60 males and five females at a concert that authorities said lacked a permit this month.
Officers buzzed off the punkers' mohawks, removed their piercings and dog chains and forced them to bathe in a lake in a traditional cleansing ceremony normally practiced by cadets.
Shirk alert.  Cleansing oneself in "holy" water is a baptism, implying that God had equals or peers, an absolute no-no in Islam.
Authorities are considering further rehabilitation programmes for the youngsters, with the aim of converting them into 'Islamic punkers.'
'On Monday, we'll talk about what they need further,' said Illiza Sa'aduddin Djamal, deputy mayor of provincial capital Banda Aceh.
'We'll turn the kids into Islamic punkers,' she said late Friday. 'They are free to express themselves as long as it's within Islamic boundaries.'
Which is no freedom of expression at all.
She said authorities would conduct a regular patrol to monitor the behaviour of the youths.
At the 'graduation ceremony' on Friday, the youths were asked to perform a rock song on the stage. Many of them cried as they belted out 'Film Murahan.'
An interesting, and sad irony.
One of them, Rian Rizki Ramadan, said he opposed the deputy mayor's proposal.
'We don't need more guidance,' he said. 'Ten days at the police school is enough.'
Junaidi Edward, 19, said he would remain a punker.
'Punk is not dead!' he screamed.
But Wahyu Karamullah, 20, said he was now a better person and was happy to return to his family.
'I learned a lot in the past 10 days,' he said. 'I learned to pray in a congregation and I have become more disciplined.'
One of them claimed he was not a member of punk community and feared he could lose his job in Medan, the capital of neighbouring North Sumatra province.
'What about my job? I don't know if I can get it back,' he said.
Poverty follows jihad.
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