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Out of hiding, Christians retell horrors of the murder of two family members at the hands of local Muslims

Two weeks ago, two Christian brothers were murdered in response to a dispute between another Christian and some Muslims over building a wall.  The Christian family went into hiding, as their life was, and still is in grave danger.  They have come out to speak of what happened, and question why the killers are walking free.

This is how life as a Christian in Egypt is today, and it is getting worse by the day.  See some other examples of Christian persecution by Islam here, here and here.  As we get deeper into the psychosis of "democracy" in the Middle East, those who we should be protecting will fall by the wayside, as they don't fit into our view of those needing our support; the Muslim Brotherhood.

An update on the original article found here.

From AINA December 15

   Family of Murdered Egyptian Christians On the Run Due to Muslim Terror

(AINA) -- Two weeks after the murder of two Christian brothers by Muslims during the violence that swept the upper Egyptian village of elGhorayzat, the family of the murdered Christians has temporarily come out of hiding to speak of the terror they have been subjected to and decry the impunity enjoyed by the killers, who are walking freely in the village.

On November 28, the two Christian brothers, Kamel Tamer Abraham (55) and Camille Tamer Abraham (50), were killed in revenge for the death of the Muslim Mohamad Abdel-Nazeer, who was injured during an altercation with a village Christian over the building of a fence round the Christian's house, and who later died in hospital. The Christian man fled from the village with his family.

Mahmoud Abdel-Nazeer, the brother of the dead Muslim, and a mob of Muslims, vowed to avenge his death from all village Copts. They went on a rampage, looting and burning Christian owned homes and businesses, and resulted in the murder of the two brothers and injury to several other Christians not involved in the altercation (AINA 11-30-2011).

Karam Tamer Abraham, the brother of Kamel and Camille, said that his two murdered brothers were killed in lieu of the life of the Muslim, explaining that the Muslims asked for the lives of his two brothers because they are "the Christian elders of the village." He said that the family is in no way related to and does not even know the Christian involved in the death of the Muslim.

The Tamer Abraham family refused any "reconciliation" with the murderers, and insisted that the rule of law should prevail. "We will get our rights by law, and we will never accept reconciliation, whatever the consequences. We are not in a jungle." He said that all this happened to the family because they are Christians.


According to Karam, after the murders, Muslims looted three flats in the family house, and their shop, "while the security forces stood there watching."

The three men who participated in the killings, according to eyewitnesses, were Mahmoud Abdul-Nazeer, Sabry Mohammad el-Sayed and a third man unknown to them.

"Reconciliation" sessions are usually arranged by the Egyptian security authorities, after every violence against Christians, and result in Christians being pressured to give up their rights.

Currently the entire Abraham family are on the run, after having received death threats from the son of the dead Muslim, Mohammad Abdul-Nazeer, who demands that all four family children also have to be killed.

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