Thursday, December 29, 2011

German accolades

I am not one to blow my own horn, that is not why I do this. It is for you, the information presented is for you to add context.  I have no egotistic intentions, nor do I pat myself on the back.  This is serious stuff, and I am just proud to be part of the 6th column of jihad resistors.

A comment came in today, in German and since this blog gets a lot of useless spam and other nasty emails and comments I sent it off to a friend who reads German.

It's a small thing, but I wanted to share.

This kind of comment lets me know this blog is doing the right thing.

"Gerade auf den Punkt und gut geschrieben! Warum kann nicht jeder andere auch so sein?"


"Very well said and directly  to the point.  Why can't everyone express 
things as well?"

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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