Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa B&E

Anything to demonize Western culture or tradition.  This Turkish imam says if Santa were a stand-up guy, like Muslms he would come in the front door, not sneak down the chimney.

And if I were a goose I could blow golden eggs out my ass.

From RIA Novosti December 28

Turkish imam says Santa Claus 'dishonest'

The imam of the Turkish town of Kuzan has issued a warning to Muslims about Santa Claus, who he called a dishonest person, Italy's Corriere della Sera wrote.

Imam Suleiman Eniceri said it was suspicious that Santa Claus brings presents into a house by climbing down a chimney or through windows. “If he was an honest person he would come through the door as we do,” the imam said. The imam cited a passage in the Koran that calls on the faithful to enter houses through doors.
“Christmas is not our festival,” he said, and warned Turkish Muslims against drinking alcohol.
Turkey's population is over 96 percent Muslim and less than one percent Christian. At the same time it is a secular state with many European traditions.

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