Saturday, December 17, 2011

British Savior of thousands of Afghans murdered after saving baby

Dr. Karen Woo was with 9 others on a 120 mile trek through Afghanistan, doing what she felt was her calling; saving lives.  She had just saved the life of a baby when the Taliban murdered her and the others with her.  The reason given; the group was preaching Christianity.

Any poverty or hardship suffered by the people is a result of Islam and jihad.

From The Daily Mail December 15 by Rebecca Evans

Saviour of 2,000 Afghans who saved a baby's life executed by the Taliban 

A British doctor shot dead  by the Taliban was part of a humanitarian mission that had helped 2,000 Afghans, an inquest heard yesterday.
Dr Karen Woo was executed alongside nine other aid workers after they tried to cross a mountain river in August last year.
The 36-year-old, who was due to get married a fortnight later, suffered  ‘catastrophic’ injuries from two gunshot wounds in the attack.
Shortly before her death she had helped to save the life of a baby boy who was struggling to breathe. 
Her team had been halfway through a 120-mile, three-week expedition in the northern Nuristan Province when they were ambushed.
It was one of the worst attacks on aid workers in the region for 30 years.
The inquest in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, heard that Dr Woo, who specialised in maternal and neo-natal care, was on her third visit to Afghanistan at the time.
Hertfordshire coroner Edward Thomas said ‘he had nothing but admiration’ for her incredible life and the work she did delivering medical supplies to a region where one child in five does not reach its first birthday.
He said: ‘The mission up to the point of the tragedy was a great success. 
'I have been given a figure of them helping 2,000 people and the reports indicate that Karen had assisted a baby in being able to breathe again and saved its life.’
At the time of the killing the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, accusing the International Assistance Mission – the group Dr Woo was working with – of preaching Christianity.
But Mr Thomas said that was untrue and that the doctor, who had given up a well-paid surgeon’s job with Bupa, was murdered simply because there were some people who were ‘not happy that they were there’.
He added: ‘They were killed in an area where they were helping and supporting the population. 
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