Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

Dear readers,

    In this year, let us not just be grateful for what we have, but let us send prayers to those who still labor under the thumb of Islam.  We in the West can celebrate all the holidays in a manner that pleases us, not so with many around the globe.  This Christmas, lets pray for those in Thailand, Mauritania, Nigeria, the Maldives, Indonesia, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Iran, Syria, Bosnia, the Republic of Georgia, Ethiopia, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Mali, and those trapped within the ideology of Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

   There are many who are oppressed, subjugated and enslaved, all due to Islamic texts and tenets in non-Muslim countries, they need our support, guidance and help as well.  So this Christmas, the peoples of the earth who are direct threat from Islam, pray for their salvation and delivery from the evil that is Islam.

   God bless all peoples, especially Muslims, may they see the light of truth away from Muhammad and enter the society of man and woman, equal and free.

   Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe and healthy holiday.   

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