Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Muslims are the new "Jews"

Syed Soharwardy reads from the same Islamic playbook as everyone else, regurgitating the same tired lines and releasing the same invective wrapped in false historical rhetoric.

Muslims are just about to be gassed and burned in ovens, if we are to believe Soharwardy, and we must stop this tragedy before it gets too hot to handle. Stopping this rampant Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism means stopping any and all conversation about jihad or Islam. It is what our administration is trying to implement, and what the OIC wants, through the United Nations and their "defamation of religion" petition.

I may agree with Soharwardy if, during WWII we saw Jews calling for the death of non-Jews, If we saw Jews blowing themselves up on a crowded bus while shouting "Moses Akbar," or if we saw Jews flying planes into the Reichstag. Since that never happened, and since there has never been a Jewish group or government calling for any of these things, I will kindly beg off on Soharwardy's analysis of Muslims being the new Jews.

Sorry, Soharwardy, not this time, not next time, not ever.

From The Toronto Sun December 13 by Mark Dunn

Imam says Muslims being persecuted like Jews

OTTAWA – A Calgary-based Imam says Muslims are being attacked in the same way Jews were before Hitler ordered their extermination.

Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, says a regulation change requiring Muslim women to remove their niqabs and burkas when swearing the oath to become a Canadian amounts to Muslim bashing.

From intimidating and bad-mouthing the Muslim faith and belittling the Koran and Muslim beliefs, he drew a parallel with the treatment of Jews in Germany.

“Muslims are going through that situation right now that the Jews faced before the Holocaust,” Soharwardy told CFCN TV in Alberta.

“That was going on in Germany before the Holocaust, same thing is happening now about Muslims. So this is absolutely an alarming situation.”

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Anonymous said...

"during WWII we saw Jews calling for the death of non-Jews"

During the Word War 2, they were being gassed and slaughtered. No time to call for anything. Before that though, they called for subjugation although not death.

"we saw Jews blowing themselves up on a crowded bus while shouting Moses Akbar."

Nope... But they did up blow the King David Hotel in 1946.

"if we saw Jews flying planes into the Reichstag"

Are you trying to be ironic here? There are similarities between the Reichstag Fire and 9/11. Check it out: