Wednesday, December 21, 2011

34 Congress-people join the dhimmi ranks

The FBI and the NYPD have been working in tandem since 9-11 to find and break up jihad plots, using at times what are claimed to be less than ethical methods.  This may be true, as we know  law enforcement does give license to some to let their hair down and express themselves, as it were.  For the most part, the cooperation has resulted in the stopping of major jihad attacks, the most devastating would have been the Times Square bombing.  Now there is a call for the two to disentangle themselves from each other, because there is profiling going on, and that just isn't right.

Uh huh.

From Salon December 21

34 Congress Members Call For NYPD-CIA Probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than two dozen members of Congress are calling for investigation into the CIA’s relationship with the New York Police Department.
The members of Congress want to know more about the CIA’s collaboration with the police department to monitor Muslims after an Associated Press investigation.
A letter signed by 34 members of Congress was sent to the Department of Justice and House Judiciary Committee asking for a thorough probe.
Rep. Judy Chu, D-Calif., says: “We cannot allow the explicit profiling and targeting of Muslim Americans by the very people who are tasked with protecting and serving their community.”
Earlier this year, the AP revealed that the CIA helped the NYPD build intelligence programs to monitor Muslims after Sept. 11, and a top CIA operative was working at the police department.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

God bless those wonderful, oh so patriotic civil servants, our Congressmen!
Real Americans certainly don't want the police or the CIA working together (or working by by themselves for that matter), hunting down and stopping those unfairly targeted, innocent young victims of American imperialism -the men who plan to blow up buildings, murder U.S. citizens, fly planes into skyscrapers, or shoot soldiers on US military bases.
NO! We must target the REAL culprits in our war on terror: 90 year old cancer patients in Depends and wheelchairs, 3 month old infants in Pampers, and 60 year old American Quaker amputees who smuggle explosives in their prosthetic limbs.
I feel ever so much safer because of these Congressmen.