Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The pirates strike again; 18 captured

It has been quiet along the Somali coast recently, but the quiet had to be shattered eventually.  An Italian ship carrying caustic soda was hijacked today, no details yet but I imagine a ransom will be demanded, and paid in order to secure the safety of the crew and captain.  We shall see, as they have withheld release after payment in the past.

From The National December 28

Italian vessel hijacked by Somali pirates

A statement from the Marnavi company website says that the Enrico Ievoli was hijacked off the coast of Oman.
There were six Italians, five Ukrainians and seven Indians on-board when the ship came under attack in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
The ship was carrying a cargo of caustic soda to the Mediterranean. The company said it has notified Italian authorities and is waiting for more information.
Ransoms for tankers often reach into the millions of dollars. The long coastline of war-ravaged Somalia provides a perfect haven for pirate gangs preying on shipping off the East African coast.

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