Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finally! Clinton and feminists beginning to see the problem with women and Islam

But will it last?  Clinton said recently that she and her feminist friends were growing more worried about Arab women and their subjugation under the rising stars of the Arab Spring.  I have just one question for Hillary and her cohorts;  what the hell took you so long?  Women have been abused and enslaved for 1400 years, and only now are you waking up to their plight?  Please, save the fake tears and concocted concern, if there was real worry, you would have sounded the alarm years ago.  It is politically advantageous to do so, and you will ride the equality train until the next fashionable cause comes along.

Sorry Hillary, talk without the walk means nothing.

From The Daily Caller December 21 by Neil Munro

 Clinton cleaning up after Obama’s Middle East policy

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking on a new role — patching fractures in President Barack Obama’s Muslim outreach policy.

Clinton’s role is highlighted by a new White House policy announced Dec. 19, which makes the roles and rights of women a central element of U.S. foreign policy. The policy is titled “The United States National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security.”

Clinton announced the new policy with two speeches in New York and at Georgetown University, but also advertised her growing role with several prior speeches that championed the role of women, gays and religious debate in emerging Middle Eastern democracies.

Her new role comes as she and other feminists increasingly voice their worries about the impact on Arab women of the burgeoning Islamist political movements that are religiously committed to the subordination of women.

“We’ve seen this already happening in countries where proposed legislation rolls back women’s rights,” said Jolynn Shoemaker, director of the Women in International Security organization. In Egypt and Libya, “it is a very critical time,” said Shoemaker, who is based at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Events have driven the increasing crescendo of advocacy” by Clinton, said Victoria Nuland, Clinton’s press secretary. “There is certainly no gap between the White House and the State Department. It is Secretary Clinton’s job to implement and advocate for the president’s foreign policy,” she said.

But Obama’s initial outreach policy in 2009 invited the Islamist parties to pay a large role in the region’s politics. For example, he insisted that several members of the Muslim Brotherhood be allowed to attend his much-lauded 2009 speech in Cairo.

But remember, the Muslim Brotherhood, as far as the White House is concerned, is "moderate" and can be negotiated with.  Obama is feeding the alligator.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Clinton is naive about Muslim brothers, Muslim brothers are the BIG tree for Muslims branched jihadists , Hamath, jihad, and all kind of Muslims terrorists group but in a different names.