Monday, December 26, 2011

Female jihadist who sent bloody pigs feet to Rep. King is killed by police

Jameela Barnette is dead.  She was killed by police after pulling the panic alarm at her apartment.  She answered the door with a knife in one hand and a gun in another.  The police have no explanation as to why she triggered her alarm, but her attacking the officers brought about the gunfire and her death.  Whatever the thinking behind her actions, I will say the world is better off with her gone.

See the original article on the pigs feet here.  You can also see other vitriol and hatred from Barnette here.

From the New York Daily News December 26 by Oren Yaniv

Georgia woman who threatened 2 New York lawmakers is shot to death by cop

A Muslim woman who had been charged with sending fake weapons and a pig’s foot to two New York lawmakers was killed during a struggle with a cop in Georgia on Sunday, authorities said.

Jameela Barnette, 53, of Marietta, was slapped with federal charges last month for sending New York State Sen. Greg Ball (R,C-Patterson) a vial of perfume, a hate-filled letter and a doll of the monkey Curious George wearing two Stars of David.
She had also mailed a pig’s foot to Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.) in response to controversial hearings he held in March on the purported radicalization of American Muslims, Politico has reported.
A spokesman for Cobb County Police said an armed Barnette was shot to death after officers responded to a panic alarm she activated at her apartment at 11 a.m. Christmas Day.
When the cops arrived, Barnette opened the door while wielding a knife and a handgun and assaulted an officer with the blade, the spokesman said.
The unnamed officer shot her, killing Barnette at the scene, police said.
"Despite receiving injuries to his arm, the officer was able to use his service weapon to stop the assault," the spokesman said.
The cop was treated for minor injuries to his arm and placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.
Police said they did not know why Barnette triggered the alarm.
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