Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not enough stones to kill, hanging to go ahead in Iran

Well wouldn't you know it looks like the "moderates" in Iran have won the day.  Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will not be stoned to death after all, it seems the prison she is being held at does not have the proper facilities to carry out a stoning.  Oh those poor, deprived Iranians, not being able to carry out Muhammad's orders.  Is there no pit deep enough to put her?  After all, women are buried deeper than men so they do need more hole.  Are there enough of the correct size stones available?  You start with small and work up to large, maybe they didn't have enough of the larger stones to finish the job.  Whatever their rational, the brutality of stoning continues against women in Muslim countries, and even international pressure does little, except to change the punishment so as to look less evil.

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From FOXNews December 28 by Perry Chiaramonte  

Iran Fails to Silence Critics by Changing Woman's Death Sentence From Stoning to Hanging

Iranian officials, already under fire for sentencing a woman to death by stoning, has done little to diminish international outcry by instead pursuing an execution by hanging.
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 44, was convicted back in 2006 for an “illicit relationship outside of marriage” and sentenced to death by stoning. The execution was delayed after protests across the globe, and Ashtiani has been detained in prison ever since.
On Sunday, the head judiciary, Malek Ajdar Sharifi said the prison does not have the “necessary facilities” to carry forth with the stoning and that they are considering hanging as an alternative.
Sharifi told the Isna News Agency that an investigation is being conducted to see if it is legally and religiously possible to execute Ashtiani by hanging and that once a determination is made, the sentence will be carried out.
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