Monday, December 19, 2011

No bucks for jihad

Even our enemies are feeling the crunch.  Terror isn't cheap, and the jobs usually don't last very long, it's an explosive workplace to be sure.  Hizballah needs dough, so wouldn't you think their coreligionists would have stepped up and written a check, or co-signed a sharia-compliant loan to help the carnage move along?  Funny, that whole zakat thing and how it doesn't seem to pay all the bills.  Where is that sweet dhimmi jizya when it's needed the most.  Ironic that you take money from the very people you will ultimately murder.  Killing your profit base, now there is a smart business decision.  Couple that with the fact that embezzlement is rampant as well, and you have the same corruption and associated problems the rest of societies have.

From YNet December 18

Report: Hezbollah in dire financial straits
אין לו כסף. נסראללה בהופעה פומבית ראשונה מאז 2008 (צילום: AFP)
"Religion of Peace" Fearless Leader Nasrallah surrounded
by bodyguards                                                        Photo; AFP

While Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah appeared to be in high spirits recently during a rare public appearance in a suburb of Beirut, his organization is experiencing a severe financial crisis, French daily Le Figaro reported over the weekend.

According to the article, which was based on information obtained by French intelligence agencies, the civil uprising against President Bashar Assad in Syria has significantly reduced the flow of money to the Lebanese terror group.

Moreover, the report said, Iran has recently cut its financial aid to Hezbollah by 25% due in part to the international sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

(...)Hezbollah's financial woes are also the result of corruption, the report said. According to Le Figaro, the terror group's investment manager had embezzled close to $1.6 billion.

(...) "...Nasrallah chastised the organization's female members for becoming, as he put it, too "bourgeois" and spending too much of the organization's money.

So just how expensive is a quality, designer brand burqa nowadays?

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