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Ali Goma'a in Egypt: There is no persecution of Christians but Islam and sharia should continue to guide the "new" Egypt

Al-Azhar University is the seat of Sunni power, and the source of guidance for Sunni's world-wide.  Ali Goma'a is the top guy, the head Islamic honcho at Al-Azhar, and when he speaks, Muslims listen.  Goma'a says there is no problems with Christians, that any unrest involving Christians is "...not a sectarian problem. This is a procedural problem."

I would argue the procedural problem is with Islamic doctrine and how it guides Muslims in their behavior towards non-Muslims.  No matter how Goma'a spins, the fact is that Christians are being rapidly moved out, murdered or made to disappear from a land they inhabited for thousands of years.  There is no persecution of Christians in Egypt, there is now only genocide.

This is Islam.

From The Egypt Independent December 27

 Egypt mufti denies discrimination, plays down Islamists

Egypt's highest Islamic legal official denied on Tuesday that minority Christians faced sectarian discrimination and said Islamists would win no more than 20 percent of votes in next week's election.
Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said Egypt had done its best to abolish discrimination against Copts, who make up 10 percent of Egypt's population of roughly 80 million, but a small minority of radical Salafi Islamists were causing trouble.
Coptic leaders accuse the army of not protecting them against Salafi attacks and cracking down more harshly on their protests than others. About 25 died last month when army trucks charged a mostly Coptic protest in Cairo.
"There is no real problem," said Gomaa, Egypt's second-highest Islamic official, whose office oversees the issuing of fatwas, or religious decrees, on application of Islamic law.
The clash last month "was not sectarian violence", he told Reuters at a Catholic-Muslim dialogue conference at the Jordan River in Jordan. "This just echoes the chaotic transition period we have been going through in Egypt." he said.
Gomaa said no more than 250,000 Egyptians were salafists, or radical Islamists, and they and the non-violent Islamist Muslim Brotherhood would win less than one-fifth of the vote.
"In the elections, the Islamists will not get more than 20 percent," Gomaa said through an interpreter. "I'm sure the majority of Egyptians are with the moderate voice of Islam."
In the last two elections, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists garnered over 60% of the votes.  If Goma'a believes Islamists will get just 20% he is either ignorant of the results or practicing taqiyya.
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