Monday, December 19, 2011

Message from the Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army; here comes the caliphate!

It never ends.  The names may change but the message always remains the same.

From MEMRI December 15

Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, to the West: We Will Restore the Caliphate and You Will Pay the Jizya "or Else We Will Bring the Sword to Your Necks"

Following are excerpts from an address by Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestine Liberation Army, which was posted on the Internet on December 15, 2011:
Nader Tamimi: In the Levant, we are involved in a fierce battle, and we will bring about a change in Syria and in the Levant in its entirety. The infidels divided the Levant into four states, and we will reunite them into a single state. The Safavid enterprise that led to Iran occupying Iraq, along with the Americans and the Zionists, will end in the garbage bin of history. The Caliphate in the path of the Prophet will return. 
We await the caliph who will address the leaders of the US and Europe and say: From the Emir of the Believers from Jerusalem… 
Crowd: Allah Akbar.
Nader Tamimi: to the rulers of the West, this is the religion of Allah. Either you pay the jizya poll tax, or else you will bring the sword to your necks… 
Crowd: Allah Akbar.
Crowd member: Say: "Allah Akbar."
Crowd: Allah Akbar. 

Read it all, and watch the video. It has English sub-titles.

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