Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's official; Egyptian Islamists win second round of elections

65% is a pretty good return, and you can bet with this win the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists are drooling over the prospects of dictating the rules in Egypt.  The winners of this parliamentary election will be the ones responsible for the formation of a new constitution, and it will be a constitution in name only; Islam will be the only allowed religion and sharia law the legal codec.

It's official; Egypt is in the hands of the religion of the perpetually insulted.

From France24 December 24

Main Islamist parties take 65% of second-round votes

AFP - Egypt's main Islamist parties won 65 percent of votes for party lists in the second round of a historic election for a new parliament after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, the electoral committee said Saturday.

The Freedom and Justice Party won 36.5 percent of the vote for party lists, with 4,058,498 out of 11,173,818 votes, according to figures provided by the electoral committee for the second round which was held on December 14.

Al-Nur won 28.78 percent, with 3,216,430 votes.

In Egypt's complex electoral system, voters cast ballots for party list candidates who will make up two thirds of parliament, and direct votes for individual candidates for the remaining third.
The elections were scheduled over three rounds, with run-offs for individual candidates after each round.

At a news conference on Saturday, electoral chief Abdel Moez Ibrahim announced the winners for the individual vote, but not their affiliations. The official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that the FJP won 40 seats and Al-Nur 13.

The Islamists' liberal rivals fared badly again in the second round, with Al-Wafd -- the country's oldest party -- winning 9.6 percent of the party list vote and the Egyptian Bloc, the main liberal coalition, just seven percent.

After winning almost 65 percent of seats in the first round of the vote, Islamists are poised to dominate the next lower house which will convene on January 23.

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