Friday, December 16, 2011

This is my rifle, there is only one like it, and it is mine. Without my rifle I am nothing, without me my rifle is nothing.

The killing of a child's innocence in order to build the better Islamic murderer has been a hallmark of the PA (Fatah) for a long time.  Their TV is chock-full of children's programs, all aimed at inculcating the young minds to hate Israel and Jews, and by extension the West.  They do a fine job of it, too and this latest anti-Israel rant just drives the point home even further;

"Change the magazine - there are hundreds [of them]
Load it into the chamberOh AK-47, make sounds of joy..." 

Merry Christmas, infidel.

From PMW December 15

PA TV music video:
"Boom out loud, oh voice of the machine gun...
Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy"

A new Palestinian Authority TV music video honoring Arafat glorifies Fatah use of violence and venerates the rifle. Last month it was broadcast 7 times on official PA TV.

The song speaks of Arafat's life and idolizes him as a model of violence, revolution, and war. It celebrates through words and visuals the violence of the rifle: "Boom out loud, oh voice of the machine gun... Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy."

The following is the full transcript of the song:
"Engrave on the rifle butt the symbol of Fatah's Al-Asifa [unit]
My trigger makes sounds of joy to the Elder (Arafat)
while the rifle sounds aloud
Boom out loud, oh voice of the machine gun,
Yasser [Arafat] lives inside us
[Despite] the day (of his death) on Nov. 11,
the [Palestinian] cause has not died
He is present inside us as an idea and as light,
a fire burning in [our] chest
He [Arafat] taught the whole world how to revolt.
Yasser - symbol of freedom
Oh Elder, I swear by [your] uniform and your keffiya
Oh bullets of the defiant, [your] shot fights 100 [men]
He lived and died in an atmosphere of war,
he crossed the world from east to west
Mahmoud Abbas is on the same path
when it comes to [our] state and identity
We fired the rifle, we faced the storm
We responded to the cannon with a pistol
Using stones, we ignited a revolution and wrote [history], oh Fatah men
On the rifle butt, we have engraved [Fatah's] symbol
On the grip, we have engraved "Arafat"
On the top cover we have inscribed the history of the free
On the barrel - the name of the homeland
The flash-suppressor ignited and burst
Here it is, oh rifle sight
The state is only a few meters away
Oh action-spring, receive and shoot [bullets] continuously
Change the magazine - there are hundreds [of them]
Load it into the chamber
Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy and salute the Elder (Arafat)"
[PA TV (Fatah), Nov. 16, 2011

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