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Do you know about DAM?

I did know about this group, and thank long-time reader "AD" for the heads-up.  It took me a little linger than I wanted to get to this piece, sometimes there is just a little too much to do in the fight against Islam and sharia.

I am reposting the email in it's entirety, of course cutting the names.  This has happened in my state in Portland, I do not know how many other schools have suffered through the anti-semitism and hatred from this Palestinian rap group, or how many dhimmi administrators and teachers have bought into the propaganda.

Heads up to all, watch for DAM in your neighborhoods, and then kick up some dust.


Portland's Lincoln High School hosted a Palestinian dance/rap group called "DAM" recently. They are extremely anti-Semitic and hostile towards Israel and the Jewish people (funny that these poor "oppressed Palestinian" youth choose to live in Israel).  This is part of a letter that I sent to a Jewish friend recently:
About the Palestinian dance/rap group that sang and danced in Portland's Lincoln High School recently (as part of their Arab Studies program). Information about the dance/rap group "DAM" follows.
It would be nice if everyone could call Lincoln High School and express their dissatisfaction with having this openly hostile, anti-Semitic group perform at a public high school. Information follows with phone numbers and email addresses. Sending letters to the school superintendent, the school board, and Lincoln High School's principal and assistant principal would also be helpful.

Information about "DAM" from the Wikipedia:
The hip hop of Palestine in particular has generated much interest in this respect and the music is considered a means of opposition. For example, the song "Meen Erhabe" by DAM aligns itself with opposition to the Israeli occupation, and was referred to critically as a "theme song for Hamas". About the group.
DAM (Arabicدام‎; Hebrewדאם‎) is a Palestinian hip-hop group.[1][2][3] Based in Lod, Israel, DAM was founded in 1999 by brothers Tamar and Suhell Nafar and their friend Mahmoud Jreri, and their songs are largely about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and poverty.[4] The group's name is the Arabic verb for "to last forever/eternity" (دام) and the Hebrew word for "blood" (דם), but can also be an acronym for "Da Arabian MCs." The Arabic word for "blood" (دم) is spelled similarly, but without an alif.
DAM's own website: The song "Meen Erhabe" by DAM, referred to critically as a "theme song for Hamas" is not listed on their lyrics page.
Been doing a little research on Lincoln HS. Here is their website for factual information and references for their geography program: 
I haven't looked through everything by any means, just a quick run through. They use a BBC website for their links on religion (we all know how accurate and unbiased the BBC is).
I'm trying to find out who teaches their Arab studies programs and have been unsuccessful so far. Not happy about who they use as sources of information for the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Conference  
Here is what they have to say about Islam on their religion website: Of course there is not mention of their genocidal hatred and intentions.
Here is what they say about Judaism:
*****************************HERE IS WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THEIR SOCIAL STUDIES PROGRAM****************************************
"Portland Public Schools recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society. It is the policy of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
District Title VI & Title IX Contact: Carolyn M. Leonard, Compliance (503-916-3183)
District 504 Contact: Suzy Harris, Integrated Student Support (503-916-2000 x 74214)
These last 2 ladies might be worth contacting when complaining about the dance troop.
Here is a link to the "Getting in Touch with the Portland Public Schools" site: 
Might be worth writing an email (like an email/ and/or letter writing campaign).
Principal of Lincoln HS:
Peyton ChapmanLincoln High School
1600 S.W. Salmon Street
Portland, Oregon 97205
(503) 916-5200 ext. 75400
Fax: 503 916-2700 

Superintendent of PPS Carole Smith

This whole page provides a wealth of information about who to contact:
************************BINGO!! FOUND THEIR ARABIC  STUDIES AND LANGUAGE PROGRAM****************************************** 
The teachers name is Sarah Standish, the link above lists objectives, goals, expectations for the class. They also mention field trips and speakers for the class. Wonder who they get as speakers for their Arab Studies program, and where they go on field trips????
There are no Jewish studies programs. Perhaps some really smart soul could develop one for American Middle and High School students. Anything to counter the drek and misinformation that children get from such an early age in the public schools.
There are clubs in Lincoln HS and there is a Jewish cultural club with a Susan Snyder and a Laura Eckstein running the group. 
There is also a Peace in the Middle East club with Sarah Standish (the Arab studies teacher).
I'm also going to do a little research more research on the dance/rap group troop that came to Lincoln. I'll let you know if I find anything significant. 

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