Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update on DAM

"AD" kindly sent me this petition about the anti-semitic Palestinian rap group DAM and its performance at Lincoln High School.  Please sign it, and pass this to anyone you know who stands against anti-semitism and the hateful speech directed against Jews, and by extension all of us.

Read the original email on this very dangerous group here.

From The Petition Site

No Hate Speech at Lincoln High

Recently, a hip-hop group, "DAM," was invited to perform at Lincoln High School. DAM has lyrics that liken the state of Israel to Nazis, and lyrics that justify terrorism. Students and parents articulated their concerns to the school board, which allowed the group to perform, despite the physical and emotional fears of the students. The lyrics demonize Israeli Jews, calling them rapists and Nazis, justifying terrorism against them.. ("You're a Democracy? It's more like the Nazis...Your raping of the Arab soul gave birth to your child: The suicide bomber.")
These lyrics are threatening to Jewish students at Lincoln, and do not represent the mainstream opinions of Palestinians and Arab Israelis.
In light of this, we request that the school board issue a statement apologizing for the incident, and assuring students that events with hate speech will not be tolerated again. Presently, the school board has found no breach in Lincoln High School's policies on hate speech.

Read it all, then sign.  Thank you.

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