Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shocker! Osama bin-laden reads the Bible

And he dares to desecrate it with his scribblings and notes.  Why, he must be some kind of Christophobe.

From the Daily Mail Feb 29 by Graham Smith

Two Bibles 'containing terror codes' found hidden in Bin Laden compound as it is demolished
Pakistani security officials have found two copies of the Bible at the house where Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed.

The Christian holy books were discovered this week when demolition crews were sent in to tear down the compound in Abbottabad.

They were so well hidden that security personnel had previously overlooked them.

It is thought the English-print editions contain coded clues to future terror attacks, The Sun reported.

Pakistan's ISI security service also found two radio sets in a final sweep of the compound before demolition.

The English-language Bibles - a bizarre find in the home of the world's most famous Islamic fundamentalist - contained pages that are folded-over and highlighted texts.

An ISI commanding officer told The Sun: 'The Bibles were in English and we cannot be sure why they were there. These copies were found as we checked the rooms for the final time before demolishing the building.

'The radios are in working condition and will be given with the Bibles to the investigators. Some pages were folded and we will see later what was of most interest to Bin Laden.

'Maybe he was looking for teachings of jihad.'


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