Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sudan's Bashir "not Muslim enough" for the Islamic Constitution Front

This is like the mongoose and the cobra.  The question is, who will bite first.  I'm betting on the ICF.

From AllAfrica  Feb 28

Sudan: Islamists Warn Bashir Over Shariah Constitution

Khartoum — A coalition of radical Islamic groups in Sudan has threatened to unseat the country's President Omer Al-Bashir if he failed to heed demands for a constitution based on Shariah laws.
Sudan's far-right and Islamist groups have been lobbying to have the country's 2005 Transitional Constitution replaced with an Islamic one after the mainly-Christian South Sudan seceded in July last year.
To that end, they formed the Islamic Constitution Front (ICF) and proposed the Draft Constitution of Sudan, which is based entirely on Shariah law and, according to a report earlier this month, prohibits the appointment of women in the judiciary.
On Tuesday, the ICF held its foundation conference in the capital Khartoum, and the coalition members who include the Salafi Ansar Al-Suna, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Just Peace Forum (JPF), signed its founding statement which called for applying Shariah laws.
The conference, which was attended by a host of political parties, saw some ICF representatives boldly warning the government and president Al-Bashir against an uprising by Islamists if their proposed constitution is not adopted.
Addressing the opening session, the ICF member and Imam of the Grand Mosque in Khartoum, Shaykh Kamal Riziq, regretted the fact that it was them who took the initiative to propose the Islamic constitution rather than the government itself.
He went on to warn that the government was now facing a choice between adopting their constitution and leaving.
"I find no qualms in telling the government that it should either rule by Islam or go unregrettably" he declared.
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